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“The recent developments in adult stem cell research clearly demonstrate the far reaching potential of adult stem cells in health and wellness. Adult stem cells constitute the natural healing system of the body”. ~ Christian Drapeau

Stem Cells

Stem cells are the master cells of the body that can divide through mitosis and differentiate into any specialised cell of the body. There are two types of stem cells; embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells.

  • Embryonic stem cells are cells extracted from the very early embryo (blastula).
  • Adult stem cells are stem cells found in the body any time after birth.

Predominantly stem cells are found in the bone marrow, however they have also been found in the liver, intestines, muscles, brain, pancreas, blood and many other tissues. The role of stem cells in the body is to maintain and repair the normal turnover of organs and tissues throughout the body. Stem cells form the core of the body’s natural renewal system. When circulating, adult stem cells are signalled by organs and tissues in need, they migrate into the tissue, reproduce and transform themselves into healthy cells of that tissue. But as we age, our natural ability to repair decreases, often making it more difficult to recover from injury and increasing exposure to the possibility of health-related issues. Because of this, stem cell nutrition is imperative for overall health and wellbeing, as it helps to maximise the use of your stem cells.

Anti-aging and adult stem cells

2 - Stemtech Human Stem Cells from Bone Marrow | Increase Your Stem Cells NaturallyAs people age, stem cell production from the bone marrow declines, making people more susceptible to injury and other age-related health challenges. This is one of the causes of aging as well as exposure to various environmental toxins, dietary factors, stress, oxidation, inflammation and hormone decline.

This decline of adult stem cells can lead to un-repaired damage in virtually any body part, leading to tissue breakdown, aging, and loss of health. Without active, vigorous adult stem cells good health is compromised long-term.

Scientific anti-aging research shows adult stem cell release rates from the bone marrow drop at an astonishing rate as we age, as per the following percentages:

  • 35 years – the stem cell release rate drops by 45%
  • 50 years – the stem cell release rate drops by 50%
  • 65 years – the stem cell release rate drops by 90%

Increase Your Adult Stem Cells

Having more stem cells circulating in the bloodstream means more stem cells available to migrate into tissues that might need assistance. Results of scientific studies indicate that increasing the number of circulating adult stem cells is a key factor in maintaining optimal health. Just as antioxidants are important to protect your cells from "free radical" damage, stem cell enhancers are equally important to support your stem cells in maintaining proper organ and tissue functioning in your body. Help nature do what it was designed to do and let your body repair and maintain your tissues and organs by stem cell nutrition every day!

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